Greetings from Helsinki, Finland. I’m mainly focused on macro photography, almost always looking for natural light and other effects that surrounding environment may offer for the background. There is no question that slowly flowing forest streams have been currently my favorite sites to photograph. Those streams do not only offer peace of mind but additionally chances to capture intriguing images.

I’m also eager to use my supermacro lens to photograph tiny, almost invisible targets such as some mosses and reveal their hidden beauty, and that is in fact the type of photography I like the most. As a nature photographer, I’m quite fresh person in this field and started with full power only couple of years ago. All my images are non-manipulated, single shots.

In future, I would wish to have exhibitions, write articles, and even a book with general interest.

I have a researcher background in plant sciences, addressing especially molecular biology, and I’m an author in many publications that have appeared in respected scientific journals (Plant Physiology, The Plant Cell, Science, Nature Genetics, New Phytologist, PNAS and others). If you are interested in to read some of those, just search articles with Google Scholar using my name.